Uniform Dress Code for Referees

Throughout the soccer community, referees and assistant referees are identified by their uniforms. The AYSO National Referee Programís goal is to have three trained officials at every game. This goal applies to uniformity and consistency in the application of the Laws, and it includes the appearance of the officiating team.

The AYSO National Referee Program encourages referees, when officiating a match, to wear a shirt that distinguishes them from the members of either team. It is also recommended that, whenever possible, referees and assistant referees follow the uniform guidelines noted below:

Referee Shirt

It is suggested that when purchasing new shirts the United States Soccer Federation recommended shirt colors be chosen. They are as follows: 

Primary shirt color:

  • gold with black stripes and trim

Alternate colors:

  • black with white stripes and trim

  • red with black stripes and trim

  • blue with black stripes and trim

  • green with black stripes and trim

 Referee Shorts

  • Solid black

  • Length not less than 3 or more than 7 inches above the knee

 Referee Socks

  • Black with three white stripes at top

  • Pulled up over the calf

 Referee Footwear

  • Black, or black with white trim

  • Smooth, turf or cleated soles

  • Cleaned and polished regularly

 Referee Hats

Hats are not traditional for soccer referees and are discouraged. If hats are worn for sun protection health reasons, a solid black, or predominately black hat with white trim should be worn.

Hats should bear no logo or slogans, except AYSO logos (traditional, promotional, regional, or tournament) are permitted, and National corporate apparel sponsor logos are allowed.

 Local conditions and common sense may dictate some variations from these recommendations.