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Referees are invited to upgrade their badges and take additional training. Other Areas and Regions also offer classes that are open to you. See the calendar for more details. The majority of referee classes are offered at the beginning of the season.

Most of the changes for 2016/2017 are clarifications to existing Laws or things that don’t really apply at the youth game level. The most impactful changes to us at AYSO is on the Kick-off,  Rule 8.3.  The ball NO LONGER has to go forward on the kick-off.  Players can start play by kicking the ball in any direction.

ALL restarts, the ball is only in play if the ball CLEARLY moves.   So, for example, on indirect free kicks it is not ok for a player to just “tap” the top of the ball so a teammate can take a shot on goal.  The ball must move to be considered in play.

U12 and younger players may no longer head the ball. The restart would be an indirect free kick from where the event took place except within the goal area where the ball is placed on the goal line, closest where the referee judges the head ball took place. This is not a foul, persistent infringement cannot occur. Briefly remind the player (and, if necessary the coach) that is an area wide AYSO requirement.